Pita Chips with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

I used to cater small parties, and almost every single time, I would make homemade pita chips with roasted red pepper hummus.  It’s a great snack item to have on the table because the ingredients are fresh and wholesome, so you don’t have to feel guilty about stuffing your face.  In fact, I got used to watching guests chatting away while hovering around this bowl of chips and dip.

But you want to know a secret?  This is SO easy to make.  I finally decided to make a video of it because the Super Bowl is around the corner.  They’re the perfect healthy plop yourself in front of the TV kind of snack.  But you don’t have to wait until there’s a game on in order to try these delightful munchies out for yourself.

Pita Chips Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

The ingredients are humble and the techniques are simple.  I show you how to make these crispy golden baked Pita Chips and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus in EPISODE 9 of Bits & Pieces Season 2 below:

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Pub Style Sliders (Game Day Bites)

Much to Joe’s disappointment, I’m not a sports fan….at all…GASP!  Yeah, sorry if we can’t be friends now.  But I do like the Super Bowl, because I enjoy the Halftime show, the entertaining commercials, and all the game day munchies!  It’s also a great excuse to gather with friends, kick back, and just hang out together.  I mean, I usually end up huddled up in the kitchen somewhere with the other non-game watching people, but that’s besides the point!


The fellowship is definitely the best part of the Super Bowl, but there have been a couple moments in the past where Joe and I ended up watching the game at home alone together.  That’s why when our friend Lee, from 6kidsProductions, told us that this is what she and her husband would be doing this year, we got to talking.  Even though it would be just the two of them watching the game, she still wanted the day to feel festive.


As we were brainstorming about what she could make, my first instinct was chili or nachos, but she was “chili’d out” from doing this the previous years, and she wanted something more “meal-like” than chips.  My second thought was wings, but she had already done that too and was looking for something different.  So after some pondering, I couldn’t get the idea of “Pub Style” Sliders out of my head.


Even though these juicy little burgers use humble ingredients and don’t take too much effort to make, they end up looking pretty fancy.  And the taste is everything you would dream to have in one little bite.  So watch how I put them together in EPISODE 8 of Bits & Pieces Season 2 below:

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Salmon with Quinoa and Asparagus

If you need to simmer down from all the holiday indulgence like we do, this recipe is exactly what you need in your life.  You’re craving something lighter, but let’s be real…salad is not gonna cut it!  The moment I took that first bite of juicy flaky salmon topped with sharp lemony shallots, I knew I was back on track.


It was definitely fun eating out at restaurants and gorging on enormous amounts of rich fatty foods with family and friends over the last couple of months, but we really need to pump the breaks and go back to wholesome home cooked meals.  But lucky for all of us, in my world, wholesome means easy, exciting, and flavorful too!


That’s why this seared salmon sits on top of a bed of fluffy quinoa cooked in chicken broth, and it’s served with blistered asparagus spears sauteed in garlic oil.  Now if that doesn’t entice the palate, I don’t know what will!  You can see how I make this in EPISODE 7 of Bits & Pieces SEASON 2 below:

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Our Cookbook

Wow…it’s kind of AMAZING to think that I now have a cookbook!  Well, it’s a PDF eCookbook, but that’s fine by me!  It’s my birthday and I’ll launch a cookbook if I want to!  As you know, we’ve been working on this Bits & Pieces Season 1 eCookbook for a loooong time and we’ve been hinting at its arrival for a while.

But it’s finally here!  Wait…can I scream this from the mountain top instead?  It’s FINALLY HERE!!!  I want to dance and collapse from excitement and exhaustion at the same time!

I could go on and on about it, but why don’t you just watch our COOKBOOK TRAILER instead:

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The Making of Our Cookbook – Behind the Scenes

We’re been working on a secret, not-so-secret project.  As soon as we wrapped with filming Season 1 of our online cooking show, we turned right around and starting shooting our Season 1 eCookbook!  You know we’ve been hinting at this for the past 6 months and it’s hard to believe that it’s finally done!  It took longer to complete than planned, but that’s because we both are our own worst critics and have perfectionist tendencies.  Many people have questioned why we didn’t just take screen shots of our videos or recycle images we already had from the blog and put it together into a book.

We totally could’ve done that, and trust me, we were tempted to, but at the end of the day, we care deeply about producing quality work.  When we’re filming, we don’t have the time to set up our photograph perfectly with the right styling and props.  We’re just worried about getting the video done before we run out of natural sunlight.  And unfortunately, we don’t always succeed, so we have to rely on flash and then we’re not that satisfied with our end results because our pictures look flat and dull.

Also, we’re usually too tired at the end of a video shoot to even care to style things correctly for a photograph, so we just do it quickly and hope for the best.  With this eCookbook, since we weren’t filming any videos, we could devote our entire energy into the photographs.  This enabled us to try new things and shoot the photos in our own unique style.

So I cooked 15 recipes all over again within 10 consecutive days, and it was super tiring!  We really wanted our cookbook to include step-by-step photography, so we had to pause between each step to take photos, which delayed our process significantly.

So come behind the scenes with us and watch the process of our preparation and photo shoot for our Bits & Pieces Season 1 eCookbook below:

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2014 Year in Review… And Plans for 2015

After we filmed our Winter Sangria episode, we thought it would be appropriate to sit down together and reminisce about the jam-packed year we had, as well as discuss our plans for the next year!  Who knew that 2014 would be such a busy and interesting year?  It could’ve gone by in a blur, but these are the moments that I’m glad we decided to capture our lives on film!

So raise a glass and come toast the new year with us!  You can hear more about what life has been like for us this past year, as well as what we have up our sleeves for 2015 in our Year in Review video below:

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