Update : Theme of Season 3 Revealed

It felt really weird not filming our cooking show for a month or so while we were in between seasons 2 and 3.  By no means were we on a real break, as we mentioned in our previous update video. We were working hard on getting our house in order (literally and figuratively) so that we could be more prepared for Season 3.

That meant that we were working on fixing the bugs on this very website, which is one of the reasons there haven’t been blog entries up here for a while.  That took Joe forever and a day to accomplish, but he finally got rid of the glitches and gave it a mini makeover.  And I was editing vlogs like there was no tomorrow, because we had been soooo behind on them.  But we recently posted a whole slew of videos from our time out in California last summer.  So check them out on our vlog channel here: Our Yooniverse

We also made time to do things we were dying to do for a while on our real home, which is also our office and studio.  Since we spend all our time here, I’ve been wanting to hang decorations, paint, do DIY projects on my thrift store finds, and organize my crazy kitchen equipment and photography prop shelves.  We’re happy to report that we got all that done, and I feel WAAAAAAAAY happier and much more inspired to be creative as a result. It’s amazing what a little pop of color and a can of gold spray paint can do!

And… we started production on Season 3!  Yup, we already began filming!  So obviously that means I settled on the theme for this coming season. I finally reveal what it is as well as what else we’ve been up to in our quick little UPDATE VIDEO BELOW:

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Homemade Skillet Pizza

No pizza stone? No problem!  Making pizza from scratch at home is really rewarding and not as daunting as you might think.  Yeah I know that you can go out and buy pre-made crusts or even the raw pizza dough from most any grocery store these days, but it’s really easy to whip up your own FROM SCRATCH and make just the perfect amount of pizza for two! Read more

Poached Egg Sandwiches : Behind the Scenes

That uncertain moment right before we cracked into the poached eggs was intense for us.  We held our breath, said a little prayer, and braced ourselves…

I’ve been putting off filming a recipe involving poached eggs for some time because the truth is, poached eggs can be a little tricky, and the way they come out can be somewhat of a surprise each time.  Sometimes they’re slightly undercooked and too runny, and other times they sit in the water a few seconds too long and become overcooked in an instant.   Read more