Spicy Korean Ramen Challenge : Celebrating 1000 Subscribers!

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate that we have reached 1000 subscribers on our Youtube Channel than to inflict pain on ourselves for your entertainment. 

I know that 1000 subscribers might seem like small beans for some of you, but this is like a milestone for us, and we couldn’t be happier!  It indicates that we’re on the right path, and we just have to keep going.

It was a slow growing process, and it still is, but we feel like we made it one step further in our journey.  So thank you for watching our cooking videos, and subscribing.  It means the world to us and it actually helps us out a lot.  So if you haven’t subscribed already, you can do it now:

The more subscribers you have, the more opportunities you eventually get, so that number is actually really important.  So since we FINALLY busted out of the triple digit range, we just want to celebrate and say thanks!

There’s a Spicy Korean Ramen Challenge going around on Youtube, and it’s pretty hilarious.

We just wanted to join in on the fun, but didn’t know what to expect because we’re Korean after all… how bad could it be?  I guess you’ll have to check out the video to find out!  Thanks for your support.  We truly appreciate you.  Oh, and of course, Happy Thanksgiving!

Lula Cafe

It was supposed to be the “last warm day” of the season here in Chicago, so we took advantage and made it out to Lula Cafe located at 2537 N. Kedzie BLVd. Chicago, IL 60647 for our second restaurant review video for the Tastemade App.    We went there for brunch and thankfully there wasn’t a line.  I hear if you go on the weekends, there might be a bit of a wait.

I came in with a game plan of what to order, but soon realized that my attempts to be prepared were in vain since the menu is based on seasonal ingredients, so it’s always changing!  I couldn’t find what I wanted to originally order, so I just asked our waitress for suggestions.  I told her we wanted to try one sweet and one savory dish and I was surprised by her recommendations.

She suggested we get the Oatmeal Griddle Cakes…

And the Lamb Sausage Perlou.

This is one of the first “farm to table” concept restaurants in Chicago, so their choice of ingredients for all their dishes completely make sense.  I don’t know if it was psychological or not, but you could really taste the “freshness” of everything… especially that farm fresh egg.  GAH!

This time, we were a little more used to filming for the app, so our food didn’t get too cold as we filmed.

We also decided to film an extended version of our restaurant review just for fun on our own Youtube Channel .  You can see us stuffing our faces and see what we have to say about our time at Lula Cafe in our video below:

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90 Miles Cuban Cafe

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard some of our friends say that their dream job would be to be Anthony Bourdain, where they could just travel around to different unique places and eat good food on camera.  I admit, that was a secret dream of mine too, but it’s kind of weird how it’s sort of coming true for us… in a temporary and low-budget sort of way! :)

Basically, we had the opportunity to do a few restaurant reviews for the Tastemade App, and go around to a few different hot spot restaurants in Chicago, to eat for free!

All we had to do was make 1 minute video reviews called “appisodes,” but we also decided to make extended versions of these reviews for our own Youtube Channel, just for fun.  So today is the first one we’ll be sharing with you.

We went to 90 Miles Cuban Cafe, located at 2540 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL.

It’s really cute, cozy, and eclectic inside.  It’s bigger than it looks from the outside because there’s another tented section in the back.

But we chose to sit outside on the patio because we filmed this before winter hit, and the weather was crisp but still fairly mild.

My main desire for going here was to try their Cubano, or Cuban Sandwich.  We had recently watched that movie, Chef and I was probably going to internally COMBUST if I didn’t eat a Cuban Sandwich some time soon.

So what did I think of it?  I take my job seriously now!  Watch our restaurant review below and find out:
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Thanksgiving Dinner for Two : Behind the Scenes

If you watched our Skillet Apple Crisp Behind the Scenes video, you probably heard me foreshadow what was to come.  I straight up said, “Our next episode is going to be difficult and I’m already dreading it…”  Yes, words to haunt me.  I mean, I figured it would be hard because I was going to make 5 different dishes in 1 video and explain all the steps clearly within 15 minutes.

I love that our viewers tell us that they feel like they really understand how to follow my recipes because they can see each step and know exactly what everything is supposed to look like during the cooking process.  And you know that we always enjoy adding bonus scenes to help create a “story.”

But I didn’t want this episode to be 30 minutes long… so I had to really plan out what I was going to do and when.  My only logical solution was to shoot in two days.  We never had to do that for any of our episodes before, including all of Season 1, but this one was a beast of a video to tackle.

If we didn’t shoot the close up chopping and prepping scenes before our real shoot date, then we would probably struggle with losing sunlight, and Joe would be too tired, trying to chase me all around the kitchen with his camera.

So I had to strategically shoot a few scenes out of order, and keep things organized in my hectic brain.  Unfortunately, I’m only human, and all that stress made me a little snappy with Joe so we even had some minor tiffs here and there.  But you can come along with us behind the scenes and watch us shoot our Thanksgiving Dinner for Two episode in our video below:

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Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

Making a Thanksgiving dinner for two sounds daunting and not worth the effort, right?  It’s hard to imagine wanting to put in the energy to make a million side dishes, or roast a whole turkey for just two people.  And yet you still want those familiar and comforting smells to fill your home!  Ugh…so what do you do?  I think I have the solution for you.

Thanksgiving Dinner

When we first moved out to California, we weren’t able to “go home” for the holidays, so we were on our own, JUST THE TWO OF US (cue Will Smith).  At first I decided we would do the restaurant thing (gasp).  It was unreasonably warm that day, and since I didn’t have any cooking to do, we donned our shorts and flip flops and walked to a local coffee shop.  We sat outside and sipped our iced coffees…in silence.  My guess was that people were home COOKING.

Thanksgiving Dinner

It made me SO SAD that I got up immediately and decided we were going to the grocery store, and I was going to cook for us after all.  Since I didn’t plan out our feast for days in advance, I just grabbed what I saw there, and that was Cornish game hens.  Perfect!  I knew they would look like miniature individual turkeys, filled with stuffing, but take less time to cook.  And of course I also had to bust out a few easy sides.

Thanksgiving Dinner

It did take the rest of my day to cook everything, but we were so happy in the end, and it was totally worth it.  So today, I wanted to recreate that meal that I remember and look back at so fondly.  But you can see how I make all of these easy and scrumptious dishes in EPISODE 3, our “Thanksgiving Special,” of Bits & Pieces Season 2 below:

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Skillet Apple Crisp : Behind the Scenes

This time I was more prepared.  I prepped almost all the ingredients I needed for my apple crisp the night before our shoot.  I don’t usually like to do that, because in my opinion, it looks too “staged” and unrealistic when everything is already perfectly measured out in tiny little colorful bowls.  But this time I wanted to make sure I was accurate and didn’t leave out something important.

Well…I guess my efforts didn’t really help because I totally forgot to read the recipe sitting right in FRONT OF MY FACE, and left out the cinnamon and salt, which was also sitting right in front of me, thus messing up my own recipe again.  Dude… this is becoming a bad habit!

But the good thing is that this time I didn’t sweat it.  In the past, I may have done the entire scene all over again, painstakingly making sure to measure out more ingredients, re-speak my lines, and waste more time.  But now, I think I’ve embraced the fact that these things will happen and the video doesn’t have to be perfect.  So instead, I worked it into my script, laughed off my mistakes, and the world kept on spinning.

So other than that, the shoot was a fairly easy one.  We didn’t argue with each other, I didn’t burn anything, and it wasn’t tiring.  It helped that we didn’t have to move our camera equipment and lights back and forth constantly this time.  The only thing I struggled with was making sure the ice cream didn’t melt on top of my warm apple crisp.

But this is where my experience in food styling came in handy, and I was able to pull out a couple tricks.  But you can check out what our experience was like shooting this episode by coming behind the scenes with us in our video below:

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