Cream of Broccoli Witches’ Brew Soup with Bone Breadsticks : Behind the Scenes

I don’t know about you but the month of October flew by for me this year.  I can’t believe Halloween is this week!  We busted out the first episode of our BRAND NEW season of Bits & Pieces just in the nick of time.  So if you haven’t checked out our Cream of Broccoli Witches Brew Soup with Bone Breadsticks video yet then go do that first.

Every time we take a long break between filming and pick it up again, we have to ease into it and work out the kinks all over again.  It’s like we have to remember to stretch before we run or we’ll get a cramp.  This time was no different.  The last time I cooked in front of the camera was months ago, so it was almost like I forgot how to do it.  This is probably why I messed up my own recipe and had to re-do a scene!

But this time, regardless of the hiccups, we had more fun with our video because we got to dress up in costumes and decorate the kitchen.  I’ve always wanted to change up my kitchen with the seasons throughout Season 1, but we simply didn’t have the time to put that kind of energy into it.  So this felt nice.  I’m all about stepping up our game.

I’m deathly afraid of opening those refrigerated bread sticks that come in a can, so we worked it into our script and had Joe come out from behind the camera to make a cameo on screen.  And since this season is dedicated to cooking for two, we thought it was appropriate for him to eat the food with me on camera too.

But you can watch more of the making of our Halloween episode and what really went on behind the scenes in our video below:

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Cream of Broccoli Witches’ Brew Soup with Bone Breadsticks

This Halloween, Joe and I won’t be attending any parties or doing some kind of crazy activity.  But it doesn’t mean that we still can’t get dressed up and be a little festive, right?  And guess what guys…this is a special post because it’s our FIRST EPISODE of Bits & Pieces for Season 2!

We’re also incredibly excited to announce that Season 2 will be entirely dedicated to recipes tailor made for two!  It just makes sense since because right now there’s only two of us anyways.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier!  And it’s also a perfect time to do it since there’s a nice ring to it… Season 2, cooking for two!

We didn’t really plan for our first episode to launch around Halloween, but it’s kind of cool that it ended up being this way.  It helps us to start off this brand new season with a little fun.


Growing up, I would go trick or treating with a bunch of my friends around different neighborhoods.  We’d all meet at my friend’s house first and her mom would lay out a pretty impressive spread of Halloween themed healthy savory snacks to help us fuel up before we hit the streets in search of candy.

I always thought that was a smart idea especially since we’d probably be hyped up on sugar for the rest of the night anyways.  It ended up being my favorite part about Halloween because we’d bob for apples, drink hot mulled apple cider, and fill our bellies with comforting good-for-you foods.

That’s where I got the inspiration to make my Cream of Broccoli Witches’ Brew Soup with Bone Breadsticks.  It’s a hearty and wholesome meal that’s playful at the same time.  You can see how I pull it all together in EPISODE 1 of SEASON 2 of Bits & Pieces below:

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10 Lessons We Learned from Filming Season 1 of Our Cooking Show

As we finish up our first e-cookbook and start on production of Bits & Pieces Season 2, I felt a desire to reflect about Season 1.  There was so much to learn and today I wanted to share our experience with you!  We made this video mostly for our curious friends and subscribers, but also thought it might be helpful for those of you considering filming your own online cooking show.

When we were starting out, there wasn’t any “manual” to go by, and we kind of wished there was some sort of resource like this out there for us.  It might have put us on the right track and spared us some unnecessary headaches!

We made up our own rules, walked into it blindly, and hoped for the best.  I would say that we were somewhat prepared for what was to come, but also a bit naive.  We had no idea how much time, money, and energy it would take to make these Youtube videos!  I didn’t realize how much of a perfectionist I was.  And we weren’t sure what our working dynamic with each other would be like.

Well we soon found out, and it was a bumpy, crazy, frustrating, and exciting ride!  We did some things right and other things wrong, but it was all necessary growing pains and we’re thankful for the experience.

So here are the 10 lessons we learned from filming Season 1:

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Weekend in Chicago

I know I promised you some California adventures, but we filmed this footage before we left for our trip, so it only makes sense to present things in order right?

Our friend Grace was visiting Chicago from New York for a wedding and was staying with us in the suburbs.  But at the same time, our brother-in-law Dan (my sister’s hubby), flew in for the weekend from California for a business conference.  So he got to stay in a nice fancy hotel in the city.  We just thought it was a great opportunity to meet up with both of them and explore Chicago.

Grace is my sister’s close friend since birth!  She stood in my sister’s wedding and has known Dan for years, so it totally made sense to hang out all together, which made things convenient and more fun.

It’s always so nice to see people we have history with, especially in our new home.  Truth be told, Joe and I didn’t get a chance to discover Chicago too much on our own before they came to visit, so it was great to just be able to walk around and be tourists ourselves.

We got to eat at places I’ve never been to, such as Walker Bros. Original Pancake House.  There are several locations, but we chose the one in Glenview.  Grace actually went to school in Chicago so she knows the area well.  It was her recommendation to go here since it’s known to be a good homey breakfast/ brunch spot amongst the locals.

We ordered a variety of things, and everything was well seasoned and delicious.  I ordered the Dutch Baby, and I was in love with the buttery taste and spongy texture.

But Grace and I agreed that we liked the Crab Benedict the best.

You can check out more of what we ate and what we did in our Weekend in Chicago vlog below:

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Our California adventure

We’re back from our two-week California adventure and are trying to settle into our routine again.  When some of our friends casually ask us, “so what did you do there?” I almost have to take a deep breath as if getting ready to recite a monologue from Shakespeare.  That’s a loaded question!

Joe’s brother’s family was visiting Chicago from Korea.  We figured it was a great time to take advantage of this rare occasion and take a Yoon family vacay to Disneyland.  It’s just ironic that Joe and I used to live right next to Disneyland last year, and now we had to stay in a hotel to visit!

And of course we had to have some in-N-out.

Then Joe and I went to a work event, called the “Foodie Happy Hour,” sponsored by one of our partners, Side Chef

…at Youtube Space LA!

I had to cook food for 100 people and it was gone in five minutes.

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What’s on our plate lately

What’s on our plate lately? A handful of things, but mostly too much food!  Cooking, eating, and taking photographs is all we’ve been doing for the last 2-3 weeks.  This is all for the sake of our e-cookbook, which we’re hoping to get done soon.  The photographs were one phase, which is now completed.  And now we have to work on our layout.  We’re currently brainstorming about how we can make this e-cookbook special and uniquely ours.  So that might take us a while.  But we’ll keep you updated with our progress.

Meanwhile, what’s next?  I’m currently typing this blog entry late at night, with bleary eyes and a mushy brain while scrambling to race the clock.  We’re going to be boarding a plane to California in a matter of a few hours, and I have a sneaking suspicion I may be pulling an all-nighter.

But before we left, we wanted to post a quick vlog update.  So by the time you see this, we’ll probably already be in California.  No…we’re not moving back.  We’re going there for a family vacation.  Joe’s brother’s family is visiting from Korea, so we’re all going together.  But we’re also going there for work!  Turns out that I will be a featured chef at an event called the Foodie Happy Hour at Youtube Space LA!  SQUEAL!!! 

Watch our quick video below to hear more about it:

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