Dinner at 7-11 : Korea Trip Vlog 4

There was something I wanted to do ever since we landed in Korea… and that was to eat dinner at a convenience store!  Wait…huh?  That might sound funny to some, but the convenience stores in Korea are usually well-equipped for this sort of thing.  It’s actually part of Korean culture, especially late at night.  There are hot water containers, microwaves, and some kind of indoor or outdoor seating.  When I went to Korea by myself over 10 years ago, I did this often since I was eating alone.  I have fond memories of grabbing my snack and sitting by the window to people watch.

Dinner at 7-11 : Korea Trip Vlog 4 | ChefJulieYoon.com

Days 8-9 or our trip was filled with a little more activity.  We picked up the pace and did a few more fun things.  We finally had the chance to walk around and explore the streets of Namdaemun and do a little shopping!

Dinner at 7-11 : Korea Trip Vlog 4 | ChefJulieYoon.com

We heard that Korea was the place to get cheap glasses, so we set off on a mission.  Not only are the glasses indeed exponentially cheaper there, but they’re ready in 30 minutes!  Now we don’t know why some places in America make a big deal about having glasses done in an hour.

Dinner at 7-11 : Korea Trip Vlog 4 | ChefJulieYoon.com

We got a tip from our sister-in-law Sharon to first select your glasses and then walk down the street to 가메골 to eat handmade steamed dumplings while you wait.

Dinner at 7-11 : Korea Trip Vlog 4 | ChefJulieYoon.com

That was the best decision we ever made.  They were truly dumplings straight from heaven.  And true to their word, our glasses were done in half an hour!

Dinner at 7-11 : Korea Trip Vlog 4 | ChefJulieYoon.com

We also had to jump into living “normal life” in Korea, not as a tourist, but more like a resident, because we had no choice.  Since Joe’s brother and sister-in-law were away at a post-natal care facility taking care of their newborn twins, we had to take on duties as substitute parents for our niece Kara.  We dropped her off at the bus stop everyday, explored the city while she was in school, and rushed back home to pick her up again.

Dinner at 7-11 : Korea Trip Vlog 4 | ChefJulieYoon.com

I used those opportunities to do things like run errands or get my hair done.  I mean, you can’t go to Korea and not get your hair done!  And of course as always, we also ate a lot of good food.  You can see what we were up to in our 4th Korea Trip Vlog below:


Because our time in Korea went by in a hazy blur, it’s nice that we decided to vlog everyday so we could look back and remember these moments.  And I know I haven’t updated with a new blog entry in a while, but that’s because we were just trying to settle back into normal life in America again.  Plus, Joe got a new part time job at our church as head of media so we’ve both been a little busier as a result of it.  But now that we have our footing, we’ll be pumping these vlogs out more consistently again, so stay tuned as our Korea trip adventure continues.

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