Olive You

Happy Valentine’s Day!  While most other food bloggers are probably posting about decadent chocolate cake or lobster for two today, I’d thought I’d write about olives!  Eh?  All month long, Joe and I were on a super secret mission to FINALLY launch a NEW product for Small Bites, our food-inspired baby and children’s product line, by today.  Yeah it’s about time.

Why today?  Well, we first released our Baby Carrot and Baby Pear character onesies on my birthday last year, so of course it made sense in our minds to launch a new product on another special day.  For a few months now… okay, more like a year, some of our Small Bites facebook fans were like, “what’s the dilly-o?  When are you coming out with some new stuff?” (Or something like that).  

Well, today is that day!  I guess what inspired me was the fact that Valentine’s Day was coming around the corner.  I wanted to create a print saying “olive you,” (I love you).  You know how I love (olive) silly food puns.  Seriously, I can’t help it.

So with that notion in mind, I got to sketching… and…scribbling…and doodling… and pulling out my hair.  Finally, I came up with a concept I liked and enlisted my trusty partner in crime, my hubby, to translate my hand drawn illustration into digital art.  Now let me tell you, it wasn’t as easy as we thought.  There were many challenges, problems we had to solve, and plans we had to scrap.

Oh yes my friend, we battled MANY fights over this.  We’re both creative people with design backgrounds, so tears and maybe blood were shed to get to this final result.  Isn’t it amazing how simple designs aren’t really so simple to execute?  We both took turns being tyrants and wounded puppies with busted egos.  Joe had to re-do his work 4 times!  At one point, we almost gave up… at least I did.

But, God is good, amen?  A little prayer put us right back on track.  Then we suddenly started to gel like a team.  I can honestly say this was a real collaboration of the two of us, down to every last leaf.

So I am happy to report that we both came out alive and have stayed on schedule to reveal to you our very first piece of nursery art prints!

“Olive You” – Small Bites Art 2013

This is an original set of three 8×10″ prints of smiling olives nestled on a carved tree.  They are printed with high quality inks on heavy weight 110lb photo quality glossy paper.

If you’re an expectant parent, or know that you will be attending a baby shower soon, you can purchase this bad boy from:

Our Etsy Shop: http://etsy.me/11Ia9VF

Our Storenvy Shop: http://bit.ly/12NEa5H

And as you can see {with our little attempt at staging}, this print can compliment a girl’s nursery…

…or a boy’s nursery!  Yeah, same wall and furniture, different little props.  Hey, at least we tried to help you visualize a little, right?

In any case, we just hope it makes you smile!

If you’d like to stay connected to our drama and want to be the first to know about new products, then remember to push “like” on our Small Bites facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/ilovesmallbites

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  Anyone doing anything special or romantic today?  With all our focus and energy being poured into our deadline and this nursery art, Joe and I definitely did not make any plans for tonight.  We’re exhausted!

Oh well…at least we can always smile and tell each other “olive you!”


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