Korean Spicy Kimchi Noodles

I’m pretty beat right now. I feel like I walked through a car wash.  I’m definitely no spring chicken anymore!  Yesterday, I was busy preparing and plating food for a great event in Chicago called “Eat for North Korea,” so if I met you there, hi!  And if I looked busy and unfriendly, it’s because we were just trying to get the food out as fast as we could.  Now my body aches and I feel like a zombie, so if this blog entry doesn’t make sense, forgive me! Read more

Pardon Us…

Last week we took a break from posting a new video because Joe was swamped and didn’t have time to edit one.  This week, you’re just going to have to show us some grace, because in the words of Britney, oops… we did it again.  BUT this time, it’s kind of a sad sob story.  Right now, there is a contest from Kraft going on for RWOP, or Real Women of Philadelphia, regarding Philadelphia cream cheese and Paula Deen.  Yep, that’s right… the one and only.  In order to enter, you must create or already have a youtube account and post videos of your original recipes, using Philadelphia cream cheese.  At first, I was too lazy to do it, but my blogging buddy, Kay encouraged me to do it since she was doing it and we were already posting videos on youtube anyhow.  I still wasn’t convinced, but then one day out of the blue, I suddenly felt a strong urge to just go for it.   Read more