Bulgogi Glazed Salmon with Goguma Puree (and Mustard Greens)

This is my first Korean fusion recipe of SEASON 4 and it’s not even my recipe!  That’s right…I got a mini break by having someone else wrack their brain for our show.  This is another collaboration with our friend Chef James and it’s funny how we actually posted his last collab video around the same time last year!  Remember his Creme Brulee for Two Recipe for Valentine’s Day? Read more

Chicken Teriyaki {at home}

I remember when my favorite Japanese food stand, Yanagi, in the Oxford Valley Mall food court closed down in my hometown.  I think my sister and I wept a little.  It was the one place we could rely on anytime we visited our parents, for some undeniably quick, tasty, and affordable chicken teriyaki.  Gone are those days!  But instead of crying a river, I decided to learn how to make chicken teriyaki at home, and now you can too! Read more