Pasta! Pasta! Again

Our fabulous jewelery designer-friend, Easter Ahn-Lee opted to take a private group class with her husband, John and 8 of their friends.  I gave them a choice of 3 different classes they could take, but they chose to take “Pasta! Pasta!” This was good for me b/c the hard prep-work was already done from the first class I had in June.  The recipes were basically the same as my first class, but the interaction and experience as a whole was pretty different.  I also switched from baking banana bread for dessert, to roasting peaches with almond crumble to serve with vanilla ice cream, as a tribute to summer.   Read more

Simply Summer Fresh!

Well it’s been a while since updating, but that’s cuz I’ve been busy!  Word got around that I was running cooking classes and Pastor Peter from our church asked me if I could teach a class in the church kitchen, as a summer activity.  I’ve been wanting an outlet to serve so I said yes and it turned out to be a lot of fun.  I required everyone to bring their own cutting board and sharp chef’s knife, and I of course provided the rest.  We did about 4 different recipes reflecting the tastes of summer, focusing on fresh fragrant herbs, tomatoes, bright colors and light eating.   Read more

One Year Anniversary Trip

In many ways, it feels like one year of marriage came and went so fast.  Now I’m not saying it was magically delicious all the time, because there’s always that initial adjustment period, which does come with arguments and hurt feelings.  However, at the end of the day, we feel very fortunate to have found our better halves.   Read more

Pasta! Pasta! My First Cooking Class

The class was so much fun!!!  Joe (who was the camera guy for the night) and I launched our first cooking class in California called, Pasta! Pasta! I started out feeling really nervous, and I was completely flustered as people started trickling in, but when I received feedback at the end of the class, many people commented that I seemed at ease and natural… wow, really?  I owe that to my former job working at Whole Foods as a demonstration chef!  The class overall went pretty much how I thought it would, but I didn’t think I had the ability to entertain the crowd as much as I did!  I even got in a few laughs.  One thing I knew that I’d do was teach them much more than they thought they’d initially walk in to learn.  Some people came up to me at the end and told me they had many “aha” moments aside from learning the recipes.  That’s always so great to hear!   Read more

Our Cutie Pie Niece Kara

We had a chance to visit Joe’s brother, Joel and his sister-in-law, Sharon in St. Louis.  These are photos of their precious new born, Kara.  As a gift to Joel on his birthday, Joe decided to take some pictures of the happy family.  Here are just a few from the collection.   Read more

Kids, Food and Fire

So while I wait for my big break in the culinary world in California, in the meantime, I had a chance to work for a 2-day catalog shoot in wardrobe styling for little kids with my friend Yen Do again.  We were both there to assist the head wardrobe stylist for Gymboree, Pablo Pavia. For all the trendy moms out there, Gymboree also owns that cute (and pricey) line, Janie and Jack, and Pablo does the styling for them as well.   Read more