Making Basic Basil and Mint Pesto

When I want a great summertime, no fuss meal, I automatically think of pesto pasta.  Learning how to make pesto is a great thing to have in your back pocket because it’s also a practical way to get rid of bits and pieces of leftover spinach or herbs in your fridge that are starting to turn, but you feel bad about throwing away.  Just blitz them to a paste.  It’s also such a crowd pleaser with minimal effort, and most importantly, the green color makes me happy!   Read more

A Birthday Cooking Party for Kids

I got in trouble with Joe because he took all the pictures for this entry and I kept hounding and HOUNDING him to edit and upload them so i could post them on the blog. When he finally got around to them, I suddenly became busy and let this blog entry go for days.   Read more

Learning to Cook Easy Meals

A couple months back, I ran a cooking class as an alternative to a bachelorette party. Two of the students there were friends, Kim and Jane. They joked about being the most attentive students of the class, and they really enjoyed the experience. Therefore, they decided to host their own group cooking class with their friends at Kim’s mom’s house.   Read more

One Tomato Salsa Fresca

I’m notorious for LOVING leftovers… leftover food, leftover ingredients, whatever sgraggly bit happens to be lying around, give it here.  I’ll most likely turn it into something new and scrumptious.  I just happened to have exactly one tomato, one jalapeno, one lime, wilting cilantro, garlic and a red onion.  Naturally, I couldn’t think of what would be more perfect than to make some fresh salsa.  The ingredients practically spelled it out for me.  Although, originally, I didn’t think that one tomato would be enough, but mixed with the right amount of other ingredients, it stretched just fine.   Read more

Welcome to California Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

If you know me personally then you know two things about me.  One is that I don’t necessarily enjoy baking because it’s so precise, and the other is when I do bake, it usually includes bananas.  I feel like bananas are the baker’s cheating ingredient. Your baked goods will always come out good, moist and naturally sweet when you use ripe bananas.  Plus, I always have them around and inevitably, they turn black and mushy before I know it, so I have to use them up somehow.   Read more

Simply Fancy French

This entry is a bit overdue, but I was busy being a bridesmaid over in New Jersey and on top of that, I recently sprained my arm and it’s in a sling.  So I’m typing this entry very slowly with my left hand. This unfortunately means I won’t be able to have my cooking class this month (September), but that just means I’ll be more pumped for October!   Read more