We’re having a baby!

That’s right… our Yooniverse is growing by two feet! 🙂

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been radio silent on this blog and YouTube land for the last few MONTHS, it’s because I was too busy being nauseous and hibernating like a bear.  But I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant, which means I’m well into my 2nd trimester and things are finally looking great around here.

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Why We Decided to Vlog More

Now that we’re done with Season 4 of our cooking show, we’re already getting comments like, “where are you guys??!” The thing about YouTube is that you can’t be gone for too long. But you know by now that filming an episode of our show takes a while to do.  So in order to put up more regular content in between the seasons of our show, we decided to start vlogging more.

We’ve also started doing this thing called Underground Supper Club. Actually, we were doing this WHILE we were finishing up filming Season 4, so it was a bit of a tiring time. But like Joe reminds me, “if being tired is your biggest complaint about your job, that’s a pretty good job.” I agree.

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Korean Fried Chicken (Dakgangjeong : 닭강정)

I love fried chicken in any form…seriously it’s my weakness and all my friends know it…but Korean fried chicken is something extra special.  Dakgangjeong is sweet crispy fried chicken.   Dak means chicken and Gangjeong is a type of Korean sweet that is fried and coated in a sticky sauce. Can the name be any more self explanatory? They crackle when you bite into them, but they remain juicy and soft on the inside.

This is due to TWO reasons:
1. They are coated in potato starch
2. They are DOUBLE fried.

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Spicy Cold Buckwheat Noodles (Bibim Naengmyeon : 비빔냉면)

I remember walking around on a scorching hot day in Korea last summer, and the overwhelming feeling of relief we felt after taking that first bite of Naengmyeon, or cold buckwheat noodles.  There are two kinds of Naengmyeon dishes, one served in a chilled broth, and the one I’m sharing with you today, which is topped with a spicy sauce. Both versions feature sweet, crunchy, and tangy elements and that’s what makes this cold noodle dish even more refreshing and addicting! Read more

Korean Cole Slaw

I’m still waiting for spring to arrive in Chicago, but at least hailstorms in April have been interesting!  I was pretty excited when we filmed this video because it was during a fluke warmer week, and that made me anticipate the idea of frolicking outside again.

All I know is that the next time I have to bring a potluck dish to a barbecue or picnic, you can bet I’ll be toting a big bowl of this Korean Cole Slaw.  Read more