Vlog: Lunch at Sharky’s

Whenever I go out to eat, which honestly isn’t that often, I like to either take pictures or in this case, record a video. My two friends and I met up for a quick lunch at Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill at “The District” in Tustin, CA, which is sort of kind of like a fast food situation. East coasters, think “Chipotle,” but with more stuff on the menu, organic ingredients, and real plates.  So even though this isn’t some high class upscale restaurant, I still wanted to capture our fun time there.  And I tell ya, Mexican food in California, chain or not, is always amazing!   Read more

Vlog: Korean Dinner with Friends

If you think that my husband and I are the type of couple you’d see laughing and cooking together like we belong in an Ikea commercial, you are wrong sir. In fact, I am a major jelly bean when it come to friends who talk about their husbands surprising them with a home cooked meal. But before you think I’m complaining about Joe, don’t fret my friends. I am very lucky to have such a computer, photo, and media savvy husband, so it all works out in the end. But my point is, whenever anyone DOES offer to cook for me, I am at their doorstep with fork in hand before they even know what hit them.   Read more

Vlog: Kitchen Tour

Let me start out by stating that I miss our green wall. The green accent wall you see on our videos was painted courtesy of our old apartment and it made all our pictures and videos really pop. This new apartment has only white walls and doesn’t offer painting for free. Therefore we won’t paint it on our own either. Yes, we are THAT lazy and cheap.

Secondly, I don’t know why on earth I chose to film this video when the light was all crazy, my hair was doing something funky, and the sun was going down. So sorry if everything looks extra dark. But I hope you still have fun snooping through my kitchen.   Read more