Pork Chops with Balsamic Apples

“That’s the way they all became the Brady Bunch.”  We recently watched the Biography of “The Brady Bunch” on TV, and it made me reminisce of all the great episodes I watched after school as a latch key kid, through syndication of course.  That’s probably why I thought of making pork chops with applesauce, with my own twist.  If you don’t know what I’m referring to, just watch our video.  It might trigger your memory.   Read more

Orange and Honey Steak Salad

It sure has been a while since our last video, huh? Well I’m glad to say we’ve got one for you today. I love a good juicy steak every now and then, but right now it doesn’t necessarily fit into the Yoon grocery budget.  Do you hear the sad little violin playing in the background as you read this?  Yeah, I usually walk by the meat counter and sigh when I see the steak section.  Then I grab my usual chicken instead.  But one day, I saw that there was a sale on steak at the grocery store, and I was all over it. Even though I got 2 fat sirloin steaks for $3.89, I still wanted to use it sparingly.   Read more

Peaches and Cream Cups

In case you just happened to be wondering, I didn’t win the dessert portion of Kraft’s Real Women of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Contest either. If you’re new to the blog, I’ll explain a bit. A few weeks back, we entered two sections for a contest where you had to incorporate Philadelphia cream cheese into original recipes and submit them via video. It was a recipe contest, but it was a casting contest as well, to see if they could find a new spokeswoman. But I lost. Oh well. It’s a crying shame, but at least I have another recipe and video to post for all of you! Just like our entree submission, this video is a departure from our normal filming style, since I had to bake and talk at the same time, with no music and no special editing, as per the contest rules.   Read more

Wasabi Edamame Fish Tostadas

Okay before you go all, “hey you already posted about fish tostadas before,” on me, let me explain. Yes, I have posted about fish tostadas before, but this is a deliberate variation on the first recipe. I created this recipe as my entree submission for Kraft’s Real Women of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Contest….. and lost. Boo. Yeah I was pretty bummed about it. But then I got over it and thought of it as great experience. The point of the contest was to incorporate Philadelphia Cream Cheese into an original, and tasty entree recipe. I figured since my spicy fish tostadas did so well, I might as well ride on its coat tails and do a spin off of it. Well, I may have lost the contest, but I believe this recipe is a winner!   Read more

Artichokes with Lemon Beurre Blanc

We were originally planning on posting this video and recipe last month when it was in the heart of Spring, and artichokes were everywhere, but we were a bit swamped and got delayed… sorry! However, I think you should still be able to find fresh artichokes at your store right now. I admit it. I used to be one of those people who thought that artichokes were too cumbersome to deal with. Well that’s because in culinary school, I got seriously artichoked out. They made us trim them down (a lot of them) with a pairing knife until there was nothing left but the heart. Then we had to scrape out the scraggly choke with a spoon, place the hearts in acidulated water, and sometimes I’d accidentally cut my fingers with the pairing knife and get lemon juice on those cuts… uh huh. But then I started working with them in the real world and saw that there were so many different and easy ways to prepare them. One of my favorite ways to cook fresh artichokes is to simply boil them and serve them with a delicious dipping sauce.   Read more