Beef Stew with Buttered Noodles

I guess you can say that this entire dish is a nod to my childhood.  But I didn’t realize it until we were filming our video and the stories started pouring out of me.  But really, few things in life are as comforting as a big bowl of beef stew.

The best part of this particular recipe is that it makes just the right amount for two, so you don’t have to be eating beef stew for days.  Well, you might have a little leftover, but when is that a bad thing?   Read more

Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

Making a Thanksgiving dinner for two sounds daunting and not worth the effort, right?  It’s hard to imagine wanting to put in the energy to make a million side dishes, or roast a whole turkey for just two people.  And yet you still want those familiar and comforting smells to fill your home!  Ugh…so what do you do?  I think I have the solution for you.   Read more

Skillet Apple Crisp

I can appreciate a really good apple pie from time to time, but in general I prefer tarts and crisps.  This Skillet Apple Crisp was inspired by us having too many Honeycrisp apples lying around after apple picking.  I never thought to bake with them because I thought that was more reserved for tart apples like Granny Smith.  But after some research, I realized that Honeycrisp apples are actually IDEAL for crisps.  SOLD!   Read more