10 Lessons We Learned from Filming Season 2 of Our Cooking Show

No one warned me that creating a fun little cooking show on YouTube would mean that I’d have to treat it like a regular corporate job!  That’s probably the biggest overall lesson I learned. When we began Season 1 of Bits & Pieces Cooking Show, it was all fresh, exciting, and new.  We already shared our video with you about our 10 Lessons We Learned from Filming Season 1 of our Cooking Show, so If you missed it, go watch that first.  It will set the ground work for what I share with you in this next video.

We were so green and naive.  Nobody makes a manual for this kind of work so we made up the rules.  Some things we got right, and other times we licked our wounds.  It’s a constant growing process, and that’s why we make these kinds of videos.  I’ve said this before, but I kind of wish there was something like this for us to watch before we started our show.

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Homemade Skillet Pizza

No pizza stone? No problem!  Making pizza from scratch at home is really rewarding and not as daunting as you might think.  Yeah I know that you can go out and buy pre-made crusts or even the raw pizza dough from most any grocery store these days, but it’s really easy to whip up your own FROM SCRATCH and make just the perfect amount of pizza for two! Read more

Chicken Teriyaki {at home}

I remember when my favorite Japanese food stand, Yanagi, in the Oxford Valley Mall food court closed down in my hometown.  I think my sister and I wept a little.  It was the one place we could rely on anytime we visited our parents, for some undeniably quick, tasty, and affordable chicken teriyaki.  Gone are those days!  But instead of crying a river, I decided to learn how to make chicken teriyaki at home, and now you can too! Read more

Lasagna for Two

I usually like leftovers, but I’m not a fan of eating leftovers for days, especially when it comes to pasta dishes.  I dunno… I feel like the noodles get bloated and mushy, and the cheese never melts the same.  But with this recipe, I don’t have to worry about that!  You just make it in a little loaf pan and it ends up being the perfect amount for two.  Yeah, you’ll probably still end up with a little leftover, but you can handle that. Read more