Noodles in Black Bean Sauce (Jjajangmyeon: 짜장면 / Jajangmyeon : 자장면)

As funny as it may seem, one of the things I was DYING to do while we were in Korea was order Chinese food….huh? Yeah because I knew Jjajangmyeon would be on the menu.  It’s a Korean-Chinese fusion dish of noodles covered in a thick savory black bean sauce.  It’s especially popular in Korea because it’s considered cheap, no-frills food that can be delivered to your door in minutes. Read more

Dduk Guk (Korean Rice Cake Soup – 떡국)

I would say that Dduk Guk is one of those dishes that I take for granted.  I’ve eaten it for New Years Day almost every year for my entire life!  It’s a Korean tradition, and to me, it just doesn’t feel like the new year without it.  Usually to save time, it’s made with a simple anchovy broth that takes only minutes to make.  But on New Years Day, it’s more of a special thing, so it’s usually cooked the real deal way… with a savory beef broth that has been simmering for hours. Read more

Bulgogi (Marinated Korean Beef BBQ)

When anyone mentions Korean food, the first thing that comes to mind is “Korean BBQ.”  What it refers to is marinated meat that is either quickly grilled or seared in a pan over high heat and eaten along with lettuce wraps.  And out of all the Korean BBQ meats, Bulgogi is probably the most well-known. It’s pretty universally pleasing and a great “safe” introduction to Korean food. Read more

Korean Grocery Haul + Ingredients Guide

Some of my friends have told me that when they walk into a Korean grocery store, they turn around and walk right back out because they’re beyond intimidated.  I can get that.  When everything is written in another language and you don’t know the difference between one leafy green to the next, it’s scary.  But don’t fret my pet, that’s why we’re dedicating Season 4 of Bits & Pieces Cooking Show entirely to Korean inspired recipes! Read more

Cilantro Peanut Pesto Pasta with Shrimp

It all began when I went a little crazy over the cilantro that was on sale at the store.  I guess the shipment they got in was a little dirty, so people weren’t buying it.  So they were selling 3 huge (dirty) bunches for $0.99.  After washing and spinning them dry, I found different ways to incorporate cilantro into my meals for the week.  But then I was still stuck with the hugest bunch of all and it was starting to die in my fridge.  So I decided to make a pesto out of it and my world hasn’t been the same.

Read more