Beef & Barley Bibimbap Salad

Ever since I was a kid, anytime our family would go out to eat at a Korean restaurant, Bibimbap was practically the only dish I’d order.  But the truth is that Bibimbap is super easy to make at home because all you need is a bunch of leftover ingredients, some rice, and a spicy sauce.  Bibimbap literally translates to “mixed rice,” but I decided to make a version using barley instead. Read more

Korean Royal Barbecued Pork (Maekjeok : 맥적)

I probably will never forget our trip to the historic palace area when we were visiting Korea last summer, because it was SO incredibly hot that day and we were melting away into the pavement.  But even in the midst of our dehydration and misery, we couldn’t help but admire the colorful carved buildings with all their ornate details.  There was also an air-conditioned (hallelujah) museum there, where we got to see a display of a royal table with all the typical food. Read more

Bulgogi Glazed Salmon with Goguma Puree (and Mustard Greens)

This is my first Korean fusion recipe of SEASON 4 and it’s not even my recipe!  That’s right…I got a mini break by having someone else wrack their brain for our show.  This is another collaboration with our friend Chef James and it’s funny how we actually posted his last collab video around the same time last year!  Remember his Creme Brulee for Two Recipe for Valentine’s Day? Read more

Kimchi Soondubu Jjigae (Kimchi Soft Tofu Stew: 김치순두부찌개)

I used to think that I didn’t like Soondubu Jjigae, or Spicy Soft Tofu Stew.  Whenever anyone suggested going to get some at a restaurant, I was usually less than thrilled. But I’ve come to realize that it’s not that I don’t like it… I just don’t like ones that aren’t made well!  I think I’ve had some really awesome bowls of stew, but I’ve also eaten some bland and lifeless ones too. Read more