Saucy Tofu and Turkey Stir-Fry

I love stir-fry, as a lot of people do, mostly because it’s quick and easy to make.  One day, I decided to make one using what I had in my fridge, which happened to be tofu and ground turkey.  But knowing that ground turkey has a tendency to be bland and get dry, I thought to add sauce, and I mean a lot of sauce to help keep it moist and flavorful.  Then I looked at the tofu and realized that I could sort of make a mapo tofu type of thing, minus the spicy bean-based sauce.   Read more

Crepe Monsieurs

What in the hey are crepe monsieurs (or crepe misters in English) you might ask?  It’s my made up spin on a classic French croque monsieur.  What is a croque monsieur? It is basically a glorified, yet glorious rich ham filled and cheesy bechamel covered sandwich.  I got the notion to make this from watching one of my new favorite movies, It’s Complicated. Remember that scene where Meryl Streep pulls out a delicious croque monsieur hot out of the oven?  Yum!  I figured that since I blogged about making crepes, I might as well show you how I use them AND satisfy my craving for a deluxe ham and cheese sandwich at the same time.  The best thing about these stuffed crepes is that they taste very identical to the classic croque, yet feel lighter.   Read more

How to Make Crepes

Crepes are one of those things that are really easy to make, but can seem intimidating.  I learned how to make my first crepe in culinary school and I was scared too.  In fact, the first one I ever made was a complete flop and I got discouraged.  But, you have to get past that failure and press on.  And when you do, the 2nd, if not 3rd one will come out perfect, and you’ll feel so proud.  The best part is that there is no special equipment involved.   Read more