Korean Grocery Haul + Ingredients Guide

Some of my friends have told me that when they walk into a Korean grocery store, they turn around and walk right back out because they’re beyond intimidated.  I can get that.  When everything is written in another language and you don’t know the difference between one leafy green to the next, it’s scary.  But don’t fret my pet, that’s why we’re dedicating Season 4 of Bits & Pieces Cooking Show entirely to Korean inspired recipes! Read more

What I got at Costco

Okay, confession time again.  This video was shot a few months ago, before summer hit, and before I got bangs.  By the way, why I always decide to get bangs when it’s hot outside and they start sticking to my face, I really don’t know.  But I digress.  I really wanted to share this earlier, but other things kept pushing it back.  Well,  I finally got around to editing it and thought that you might still want to know what we got on our Costco haul.   Read more

How to store basil

I used to have a basil plant on my deck, but one day we went on vacation and it died.  I never had the motivation to get another one, so now, I’m stuck buying my basil.  I used to bring it home from the store and throw it into my fridge right in it’s plastic package it came in, without much thought.  And then I’d try to use it up as soon as possible.  But inevitably, the leaves would turn black…then wilted…then mushy.   Read more

What I Buy at Costco

Do you get intrigued by what others buy at the grocery store?  I sure do.  I love peering into friends’ fridges and seeing what they like to eat, and what ingredients they always have in stock.  It’s so fascinating to me, and sometimes I even get influenced to try something new.  Today, I wanted to share with you what I buy at Costco.  Now, this isn’t a full grocery haul.  I just needed a few things, so unfortunately I don’t have pictures of my normal go-to items such as romaine lettuce, baby carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocados, grapes, lemons, and a rotisserie chicken.   Read more

How to Store Your Overripe Bananas

Do you know what has been driving me more bananas than having overripe bananas?  This blog.  Yep.  The last entry I wrote was posted over a month ago.  That’s because our blog suddenly decided to break on us!  WordPress wouldn’t let us sign in or write a new post…what the?  A little while ago, we went through a time where all the comments ever left on any of my entries were erased forever.  That was hard for me to get over, but now this?   Read more

Brunch on a Boat: Snack Ideas

As I write this, I sit here not on a boat in California, but at a kitchen table in New Jersey, next to my friend, the bride-to-be, amongst a glue gun, flowers, ribbons, coffee, and a plate of cookies.  So far, my trip here consisted of catering a bridal shower and running wedding errands.  But it has been nice to spend this time with my friend this week and help where I could, even if it was just to be a listening ear during a stressful time.   Read more