Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven

This entry is sort of a dedication to my sister, Christina. Anyways, we are moving next week, and I am slowly starting to pack up our things.  While packing up my kitchen gear, I am reminded of how totally amazing le creuset products are, and how awesome my round dutch oven pot is that my sister bought me.  No, I don’t work for or get sponsored by them, but I sure wish I did.  Then maybe a girl could get their products for free around here…shoot.  Anyhoos, if you already have a le creuset dutch oven from your wedding registry, lucky you.  You can just join me in singing its praises, and vouch that it is a great, although expensive buy.   Read more

A Few Less Than Obvious Uses for Lemons

We haven’t had cable or TV in our place for months. And before you think it’s because we’re too sophisticated for it, you are wrong sir. I LOVE my reality shows, and I miss the Housewives and Kardashians more than you know. It was our attempt to save some money and it kinda works. But we will be moving soon, and we will be FORCED to have cable again in our new place. It comes sort of as a package deal with our rent… weird, huh? Oh wells, no one complaining over here. So in lieu of TV, I’ve been watching a lot of “Friends” that we have on our computer. So on that note, in regards to the blog, sorry about last week’s silence, but in the words of Ross to Rachael, “we were on a break!”   Read more

Ten Tips for Cutting Down Cooking Time

I recently submitted some tips for Summer entertaining to kokoliving magazine, an online magazine, not too long ago, and I think I’m on a giving out tips kick.  I realized that when it comes to cooking and food, I’m a forever student.  I love learning from others, and then sharing what I’ve picked up along the way.  I realized that most of our readers are those that are time-crunched… well, isn’t that just about everybody?  So I figured it would be quite fitting to make a post about some time saving tips, namely how to cut down on cooking time. Here are some tips.   Read more

How to Use Red Chard

Did you ever go to the store and see those dark green leafy veggies and run off scared? You feel like you want to buy them, but you’re not sure, so you pass them by and stick to your broccoli and carrots…again. Well, don’t fret my pet. Those dark leafy green guys are super healthy for you, so it’s worth exploring them a bit.  And with all dark greens, they have a bit of a bitterness to them, so you have to cook them in a way to counter act that bitterness.  I guess that’s how you can tell they’re healthy for you, huh?  I like red chard because not only is it leafy and green, but beautifully red too! It’s like Christmas on a plate… okay, not really.  But here’s how you use them:   Read more

Frozen Shrimp

Long story short: buy frozen shrimp. I don’t really care what brand you get, it’s not really about the brand, but frozen shrimp is a must-have staple in your freezer, unless you’re allergic to shrimp or don’t like seafood, in which case… wow (awkward silence), I don’t really know what to say. But for those of you who like to eat shrimp, you don’t have to rely on buying it fresh from the seafood counter. And those of you who already have frozen shrimp in your freezer, you don’t have to hide it from people. You can say it loud and proud. Here’s why.   Read more

How to Cut a Pineapple

If you are female and Korean, you probably have heard at least once in your life time (whether jokingly or seriously) that you’d better learn how to properly peel and cut fruit before you get married.  I sure heard it.  What the sexist?  Yeah…it’s probably because of the fact that old school Koreans always eat fruit right after their dinner – kind of as a social and digestive thing, in lieu of heavy desserts.  So, in a Korean household, if you want to eat an apple, you’re gonna have to first peel it, slice it into pieces, put the slices on a platter, stick toothpicks in them, and share it with everybody!  Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about.   Read more