Why You Should Eat Kiwis

Back when I was a working single gal and living with my parents in Pennsylvania, my aunt and grandmother came to visit from Korea. My aunt would wake up really early in the morning and prepare breakfast for everyone. She’d force us all to eat a hearty helping of whatever she could find in the house, such as toast or bagels, as well as a huge platter of cut up fruit. No one could escape off to work until we had our fill. The selection of pastries varied, as well as the fruit, but the one thing that she consistently fed us were kiwis.   Read more

Vlog: What I Bought at Trader Joes

Oh yes, I filmed a video about what I bought at Trader Joe’s. I saw on youtube that people were doing video blogs about “fashion hauls” and “makeup hauls,” for the sheer purpose of showing everyone what they bought at their favorite stores.  As much as I adore clothes, the current Yoon budget doesn’t allow for me to purchase much fancy gear for myself right now, so I decided I would just show you what I bought at one of my favorite grocery stores!   Read more

Egg Dipped Kimbap

This is another quick “non-recipe” recipe, but I thought I’d share this method of rescuing day-old kimbap, or Korean style seaweed wrapped rice rolls. I had leftover kimbap from a beach picnic that I didn’t want to throw out. As you might know, it’s usually not good the next day. This is partly because once you store it in the fridge, the rice becomes hard, stale, dry, and crunchy. It’s not normally meant to be eaten warm, so if you microwave it or reheat it in a pan, it might turn kind of weird, mushy, or possibly fall apart. But when you add eggs, your problems are solved!   Read more

Vlog: Q & A Session 1

I’m really thankful for those of you who take the time to write me emails, leave comments on the blog, or interact with me on the facebook fan page. In fact, there have been quite a few of you who have asked me cooking questions, and I always try my best to get back to you. And you know that if I don’t know the answer to something, I’m pretty honest about it.

Anyhoo, I thought it was a shame not to share some of your questions with everyone else, because I’m sure a lot of us have similar concerns, problems, or thoughts.   Read more

Sempio Brand Kalbi Sauce

My all-time favorite food is kalbi, or Korean style marinated beef short ribs.  There’s just something about the combination of tender beef with soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, and sugar that makes my mouth water.  And although my mom gave me a recipe for her own delicious marinade, I have yet to try it out to see if it will actually turn out just like hers.  Upon my request, she even went through the trouble of measuring everything out in teaspoons and tablespoons, which is nearly impossible to get a Korean mom to do.  So one day, I will gladly try it out for sure and let you know how it goes.   Read more