Beef & Barley Bibimbap Salad

Ever since I was a kid, anytime our family would go out to eat at a Korean restaurant, Bibimbap was practically the only dish I’d order.  But the truth is that Bibimbap is super easy to make at home because all you need is a bunch of leftover ingredients, some rice, and a spicy sauce.  Bibimbap literally translates to “mixed rice,” but I decided to make a version using barley instead. Read more

Steak and Scallion Stir Fry

Let’s be honest here, I’m always trying to figure out different ways to stretch a steak.  So sometimes I make a steak salad, and other times I make a stir fry!  This all came about when I was trying to defrost a piece of flank steak from the freezer.  You all know by now that I always keep meat on hand in the freezer.  I’m all about the family packs.  Forget diamonds… Ziplock bags are a girl’s best friend.   Read more