Korean Cole Slaw

I’m still waiting for spring to arrive in Chicago, but at least hailstorms in April have been interesting!  I was pretty excited when we filmed this video because it was during a fluke warmer week, and that made me anticipate the idea of frolicking outside again.

All I know is that the next time I have to bring a potluck dish to a barbecue or picnic, you can bet I’ll be toting a big bowl of this Korean Cole Slaw.  Read more

Korean Royal Barbecued Pork (Maekjeok : 맥적)

I probably will never forget our trip to the historic palace area when we were visiting Korea last summer, because it was SO incredibly hot that day and we were melting away into the pavement.  But even in the midst of our dehydration and misery, we couldn’t help but admire the colorful carved buildings with all their ornate details.  There was also an air-conditioned (hallelujah) museum there, where we got to see a display of a royal table with all the typical food. Read more

Korean Spicy Kimchi Noodles

I’m pretty beat right now. I feel like I walked through a car wash.  I’m definitely no spring chicken anymore!  Yesterday, I was busy preparing and plating food for a great event in Chicago called “Eat for North Korea,” so if I met you there, hi!  And if I looked busy and unfriendly, it’s because we were just trying to get the food out as fast as we could.  Now my body aches and I feel like a zombie, so if this blog entry doesn’t make sense, forgive me! Read more