Korean Fried Chicken (Dakgangjeong : 닭강정)

I love fried chicken in any form…seriously it’s my weakness and all my friends know it…but Korean fried chicken is something extra special.  Dakgangjeong is sweet crispy fried chicken.   Dak means chicken and Gangjeong is a type of Korean sweet that is fried and coated in a sticky sauce. Can the name be any more self explanatory? They crackle when you bite into them, but they remain juicy and soft on the inside.

This is due to TWO reasons:
1. They are coated in potato starch
2. They are DOUBLE fried.

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Chicken Koftas with Couscous

Couscous is a summertime secret weapon of mine because all you have to do is add it to hot liquid, cover tightly, and boom… instant side dish!  And what goes better with couscous than koftas and cucumbers? Hehe. I love the alliteration.  In it’s simplest form, a kofta is basically a spice filled flavor-bomb meatball or meat patty.  Sometimes they’re on a skewer and referred to as kofta kebab.  Many different countries have their own versions of them, but they all start with some sort of ground meat and seasonings.  They’re not something I grew up eating, but I formed a true appreciation for them when I lived in New York.  Read more

Chicken Teriyaki {at home}

I remember when my favorite Japanese food stand, Yanagi, in the Oxford Valley Mall food court closed down in my hometown.  I think my sister and I wept a little.  It was the one place we could rely on anytime we visited our parents, for some undeniably quick, tasty, and affordable chicken teriyaki.  Gone are those days!  But instead of crying a river, I decided to learn how to make chicken teriyaki at home, and now you can too! Read more

Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

Making a Thanksgiving dinner for two sounds daunting and not worth the effort, right?  It’s hard to imagine wanting to put in the energy to make a million side dishes, or roast a whole turkey for just two people.  And yet you still want those familiar and comforting smells to fill your home!  Ugh…so what do you do?  I think I have the solution for you.   Read more

Apple and Avocado Chicken Salad

Avocado lovers rejoice!  This one’s for you… or should I say, this one’s for me?  I LOVE AVOCADOS and if you do too, you’ll be fist bumping me after you try this Apple and Avocado Chicken Salad.  First off, if you’re scared of the apple in this recipe because you’re one of those, “I don’t like fruit in my savory dishes” kinds of people, don’t walk away just yet.   Read more