Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven

This entry is sort of a dedication to my sister, Christina. Anyways, we are moving next week, and I am slowly starting to pack up our things.  While packing up my kitchen gear, I am reminded of how totally amazing le creuset products are, and how awesome my round dutch oven pot is that my sister bought me.  No, I don’t work for or get sponsored by them, but I sure wish I did.  Then maybe a girl could get their products for free around here…shoot.  Anyhoos, if you already have a le creuset dutch oven from your wedding registry, lucky you.  You can just join me in singing its praises, and vouch that it is a great, although expensive buy.   Read more

Gourmet Nuts by Bobby Sue

Bobby Sue’s Nuts is a New York based company who uses all organic ingredients and saves the lives of helpless homeless animals. Like Superman? Maybe. This particular feature is very exciting for me because this is the first product that I’ve received for free, all thanks to my little blog-diggity. It all began with this guy named Dave who contacted me after looking through our website.   Read more

Cute Paring Knives

Doesn’t this picture make you happy?  These knives are from the brand Kuhn Rikon.  I just want to collect them all.  Although it might be quite normal for a rainbow of knives to make me giddy inside, it might not for you.  However, please let me take a minute to explain why you should even care about these petite babies.  The best part for me, other than their ruggedly good looks, is the price.  They are simply affordable and adorable.  Secondly, they are nonstick knives with carbon steel blades and soft rubbery feeling handles for no-slip gripping.  You won’t have a hard time washing the gunk off of them and food will slide off as you slice.  Lastly, they each come with their own plastic sheath case so the blades don’t get easily dull or damaged, and it’s convenient to take with you when you go on a picnic or camping.  In fact, I did go camping recently and brought mine along with me.   Read more

A Great Knife for the Home Cook

I get this question asked of me ALL the time…what is my knife of choice?  But it’s really no secret at all.  I am biased and I play favorites.  I love my Shun, which you will see me use often in my videos, but it can be a little scary to use for the home-cook.  With that said, I absolutely ADORE my pink-handled special edition Kyocera ceramic santoku knife.  And mind you, I am an UN-official spokesperson for them, but darn it, I should go into business with them, because I’m always a giddy school girl professing my love.  Here’s WHY:   Read more