Our Cookbook

Wow…it’s kind of AMAZING to think that I now have a cookbook!  Well, it’s a PDF eCookbook, but that’s fine by me!  It’s my birthday and I’ll launch a cookbook if I want to!  As you know, we’ve been working on this Bits & Pieces Season 1 eCookbook for a loooong time and we’ve been hinting at its arrival for a while.   Read more

What I got at Costco

Okay, confession time again.  This video was shot a few months ago, before summer hit, and before I got bangs.  By the way, why I always decide to get bangs when it’s hot outside and they start sticking to my face, I really don’t know.  But I digress.  I really wanted to share this earlier, but other things kept pushing it back.  Well,  I finally got around to editing it and thought that you might still want to know what we got on our Costco haul.   Read more

Cooking Measurements- The Chef Julie Yoon Store

Remember that little nerdy sketch I drew and posted on this blog of cooking measurements with their equivalents?  Well….it sort of got pinned on Pinterest and shared about 99,000 times.  Yeah, a little overwhelming!  Therefore, after some requests for a printed version, we are selling it on our new chefjulieyoon store.  We hope to continue to create fun products that are inspired by this blog, and designed to help you out in the kitchen.   Read more

Illustrated Recipes

Can I just be truthful and tell you that it feels FANTASTIC to be missed?  I haven’t had throngs of people flooding me with emails or tweets about how they miss my very existence, but I DID have a handful of friends, acquaintances, and even a stranger or two tap me on the shoulder and tell me that they missed my blog entries! Aw shucks.  Sometimes it’s nice to be encouraged, because seriously being a blogger has its ups and downs.  Sometimes you post something so frivolous or “trivial” in your eyes, and you get tons of comments and reactions.  And other times, you pour your heart out and spend hours on making a video or creating a recipe and you get crickets.  It just goes to show, you never know what will perk people’s interests.   Read more