The Making of Our Cookbook – Behind the Scenes

We’re been working on a secret, not-so-secret project.  As soon as we wrapped with filming Season 1 of our online cooking show, we turned right around and starting shooting our Season 1 eCookbook!  You know we’ve been hinting at this for the past 6 months and it’s hard to believe that it’s finally done!  It took longer to complete than planned, but that’s because we both are our own worst critics and have perfectionist tendencies.  Many people have questioned why we didn’t just take screen shots of our videos or recycle images we already had from the blog and put it together into a book.   Read more

Weekend in Chicago

I know I promised you some California adventures, but we filmed this footage before we left for our trip, so it only makes sense to present things in order right?

Our friend Grace was visiting Chicago from New York for a wedding and was staying with us in the suburbs.  But at the same time, our brother-in-law Dan (my sister’s hubby), flew in for the weekend from California for a business conference.  So he got to stay in a nice fancy hotel in the city.  We just thought it was a great opportunity to meet up with both of them and explore Chicago.   Read more

What’s on our plate lately

What’s on our plate lately? A handful of things, but mostly too much food!  Cooking, eating, and taking photographs is all we’ve been doing for the last 2-3 weeks.  This is all for the sake of our e-cookbook, which we’re hoping to get done soon.  The photographs were one phase, which is now completed.  And now we have to work on our layout.  We’re currently brainstorming about how we can make this e-cookbook special and uniquely ours.  So that might take us a while.  But we’ll keep you updated with our progress.

Meanwhile, what’s next?  I’m currently typing this blog entry late at night, with bleary eyes and a mushy brain while scrambling to race the clock.  We’re going to be boarding a plane to California in a matter of a few hours, and I have a sneaking suspicion I may be pulling an all-nighter.   Read more