Last Snowstorm Before Heading to the Land of Sunshine…

He’s a Chicago guy and I’m a Pennsylvania girl, and we’re used to frigged cold weather and snow.  However, I have never been so upset to see snow before as I was today.  We bundled up, checked out of our hotel and loaded into our big moving truck (with car attached on a platform) and headed out of Denver, Colorado this morning at 8am.  It was clear, almost sunny even, with just a little frost on our windshields.   Read more

Moving March Madness!

Joe and I have not been updating this blog at all because of our (sudden) big transitional move this month to the west coast.  Yes that’s right… we’re moving to Orange County, California!  In fact, we happen to be in Chicago right now in one of our pit stops on our long cross-country drive to say our farewells to his parents.   Read more

The Grand Canyon Indeed

A couple of weekends ago we had a free opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon because we had airplane vouchers.  We decided to go to Phoenix, AZ and make a pit stop to the GC.  I went once with my parents and sister a long time ago, but didn’t appreciate it as a child.  But going back again, this time as a slightly less whiny child, I truly did get to soak up the splendor of the incredible view.   Read more