Featured at YouTube Space LA!

I still feel like somebody has to pinch me because it’s hard to believe that this actually happened. Last summer, we had less than half the amount of YouTube subscribers as we do now, and for some WEIRD reason, we were asked to participate in this amazing event called the Foodie Happy Hour at YouTube Space LA!  That’s right friends, I was asked to be a featured chef, along with a few others, where I was told that a couple hundred people were going to meet us and taste our food!

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Disneyland in One Day

It’s been a while since Joe’s whole family has been together in one place.  His brother’s family lives in Korea, and for a while, we were in California before we moved to join his parents in Chicago.  So when the rare opportunity came for us to finally be together, we took advantage of it.  We decided to head out to Disneyland for a first-ever family vacation and spent ONE JAM PACKED DAY at the happiest place on earth!

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Lula Cafe

It was supposed to be the “last warm day” of the season here in Chicago, so we took advantage and made it out to Lula Cafe located at 2537 N. Kedzie BLVd. Chicago, IL 60647 for our second restaurant review video for the Tastemade App.  We went there for brunch and thankfully there wasn’t a line.  I hear if you go on the weekends, there might be a bit of a wait.   Read more

90 Miles Cuban Cafe

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard some of our friends say that their dream job would be to be Anthony Bourdain, where they could just travel around to different unique places and eat good food on camera.  I admit, that was a secret dream of mine too, but it’s kind of weird how it’s sort of coming true for us… in a temporary and low-budget sort of way! 🙂   Read more