Korean Chinese Takeout : Korea Trip Vlog 1

If you don’t follow us on social media, you probably have no clue that we’re in Korea right now!  We were so swamped with work leading up to our trip that we didn’t have time to even announce it here on our blog or on our YouTube channels.  In fact, we were so busy editing, rendering, and uploading videos up to the last minute that Joe had to pull an all-nighter, and we packed for our long trip at 3am, just a few hours before we boarded the plane!

We decided to use this trip as an opportunity to try our hand at daily vlogging.  We’ll see how it goes.  As of now, we can’t edit and upload a new video everyday, but we’re trying our best to at least document a little bit each day as a video diary series of our entire Korea trip.  We’re staying with Joe’s brother’s family (who we’re visiting for the first time since they moved here), and Joe’s parents are visiting at the same time as well.  We have a few family obligations to take care of first, but our activity should pick up soon.

We hope you stay tuned for our vlogs that we’ll try to post up regularly from Korea, and we hope you like them.  It’s not easy working while on “vacation,” but that’s what we signed up for with this crazy YouTube life.  We thought it would be nicer to share our experience while we’re still here rather than waiting to come back home to filter through countless mounds of footage.  We just utilize our time late at night or early in the morning while everyone is asleep.  The jet lag definitely gives us a leg up with that! To see what we’ve done so far, watch our first Korea Trip Vlog below:

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Cooking for “Eat for North Korea”

I was asked by an organization called Crossing Borders to be one of the chefs cooking for a fundraising event in Chicago called, “Eat for North Korea.”  They expected about 200 people to show up and 100% of the ticket sales would go directly towards providing aid to the North Korean refugees living in China.  I think the concept that people were going to be eating for the starving people in North Korea was the perfect ironic marketing tool…so kudos Crossing Borders for coming up with that title! Read more

Eat for North Korea

I’ve been extra busy these days because I’m preparing for an upcoming event in Chicago called Eat for North Korea.  It’s hosted by Crossing Borders, an organization that provides aid to North Korean refugees who have escaped into China and are being hunted down, arrested, trafficked, and sent back to North Korea to inevitably be held in prison camps and executed.  I have the privilege to help in some small way just by cooking!  Read more

The BEST Brunch I Ever Had : Brunch at Brix

I don’t often go out on a limb and say something is the BEST thing I ever ate but this was seriously the best brunch I ever had.  I dream of it, and I definitely want to go back!  Too bad it’s no where near me.  It’s Sunday brunch at Brix Restaurant located in Northern California, in the Napa Valley area. And just in case you’re wondering, no this is not a paid endorsement.  I wish it was!  I wish they’d pay me in oysters!

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What to do in Northern California

We visit Northern California often because my sister’s family currently lives there.  Well we USED to visit a lot more when we lived in Southern California.  Since we now live a little further way in Chicago, the chances of us being able to visit San Francisco frequently are slim to none.  So of course when we were already out in Southern California last summer for work and play, we had to take advantage of the situation and make our way up north.

A quick hop on the plane and we were there in the breezy bay area, wine glass in hand.  We got to eat all the fresh seafood we could want, as well as spend time near the majestic water.  We ventured through the vineyards, plucked grapes off the sun kissed vines, walked on the grassy fields of Pebble Beach, raced through the tall red wood trees, and noshed on tasty chicken wings in the city.

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Tour of the Tastemade Network Studio

While we were sweating to the oldies dishing out my appetizers at the SideChef and Youtube Space LA party out in California, two friendly people walked up to me and told us that they were from Tastemade.  That was a pleasant surprise because we had recently become partners with this network and it was really nice to put some faces behind the company.

In a nutshell, the easiest way I can explain what Tastemade is to us is that they’re kinda sorta like our “agent.”  They’re the ones who put ads on our Youtube videos, and therefore we can get paid with no charge to you!  They also hook us up for possible collaborations, and brand endorsements. They’re based in LA and since they knew we were visiting from Chicago, they invited us to come by their office and take a studio tour while we were there.

We excitedly said yes and filmed a VLOG about it BELOW:

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