Cute Korean Guys Making Candy : Korea Trip Vlog 6

On days 12-13 of our Korea Trip, we did and ate so much, but one memory that stuck out to me was watching the street food vendors put on a show.  I felt like everywhere I turned, there was a cute Korean guy scooping ice cream with a wink and a smile, or pulling strands of honey and confectioners sugar by hand to make candy for blushing suckers tourists like me.  I know that it’s a genius marketing strategy and it totally works! Yup… I bought a box of candy.  Hey, but at least it was tasty! Read more

Our Experience at BlogHerFood15

It’s been a week since Joe and I attended BlogHerFood15 in Chicago, and I’ve had some time to process it now.  In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the world’s largest conference for food content creators, and it’s held in a different city each year.  This year, it was at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, and Joe and I both went because we were invited to be speakers at a panel called, “Best Practices to Make Great Food Videos.” Read more

Best Meal So Far : Korea Trip Vlog 5

It’s really ironic that I almost missed out on the meal we considered to be one of our top 5 best meals of our entire Korea trip.  This was definitely the best meal we had up to this point and we were in Korea for over a week.  I was busy doing work and once in a while, I opted to stay home to edit vlogs or write blog entries. The thing about our line of work is that even when you’re on vacation, you’re never truly on vacation.  You’re actually working all the time.

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Dinner at 7-11 : Korea Trip Vlog 4

There was something I wanted to do ever since we landed in Korea… and that was to eat dinner at a convenience store!  Wait…huh?  That might sound funny to some, but the convenience stores in Korea are usually well-equipped for this sort of thing.  It’s actually part of Korean culture, especially late at night.  There are hot water containers, microwaves, and some kind of indoor or outdoor seating.  When I went to Korea by myself over 10 years ago, I did this often since I was eating alone.  I have fond memories of grabbing my snack and sitting by the window to people watch.

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Korean Spicy Chicken Stir Fry (닭갈비) : Korea Trip Vlog 3

Because I’m a chef, people always ask me if I’m critiquing food as I eat it.  The truth is that I don’t. The only time I do is when something tastes so exceptional that it perplexes me.  Then I become radio silent and start chewing slowly.  Inside my brain is a monkey on a computer taking down notes while I’m trying to break down why something is so delicious and why in the world I’m not making it already.  This is the experience I had eating Korean Spicy Chicken Stir Fry (닭갈비).

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Meeting Our Newborn Twin Nephews : Korea Trip Vlog 2

In our second vlog of our Korea Trip video diary series, things get a little more personal.  One of the main reasons we are here in Korea in the first place is to meet our newborn twin nephews.  Joe’s brother’s family has been living in Korea for several years now, but this is our FIRST TIME visiting them!  We’ve been staying at their place and taking care of our energetic niece while her parents are at the hospital and the post-natal care facility.

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