Poached Egg Sandwiches : Behind the Scenes

That uncertain moment right before we cracked into the poached eggs was intense for us.  We held our breath, said a little prayer, and braced ourselves…

I’ve been putting off filming a recipe involving poached eggs for some time because the truth is, poached eggs can be a little tricky, and the way they come out can be somewhat of a surprise each time.  Sometimes they’re slightly undercooked and too runny, and other times they sit in the water a few seconds too long and become overcooked in an instant.   Read more

Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup : Behind the Scenes

Filming this video was pretty straight-forward and stress-free, but the photoshoot afterwards was a doozy!  I blame it on the fact that it was still winter and we literally had no sun that day.  According to Joe, it was the longest photoshoot we ever did after filming an episode.  Who would’ve thought that taking pictures of a bowl of soup would be so difficult?

In the end, the pictures still came out nicely… but capturing that little glisten on the top of the soup was torturous and it required a few tricks.  These are the days I miss living in California… you always have natural sunlight and you just need to snap near a window.  Bah… but it’s okay, Spring is here now! Read more

The Making of Our Cookbook – Behind the Scenes

We’re been working on a secret, not-so-secret project.  As soon as we wrapped with filming Season 1 of our online cooking show, we turned right around and starting shooting our Season 1 eCookbook!  You know we’ve been hinting at this for the past 6 months and it’s hard to believe that it’s finally done!  It took longer to complete than planned, but that’s because we both are our own worst critics and have perfectionist tendencies.  Many people have questioned why we didn’t just take screen shots of our videos or recycle images we already had from the blog and put it together into a book.   Read more