Behind the Scenes : Banh Mi Hot Dogs

The funny thing about filming a cooking show is that you feel like you’re living in the future.  We have to “celebrate” holidays early and work around factors like ingredients not being available, or the weather outside not matching what it should be by the time we release the video.  This was our 4th of July episode that we had to film way before stores were selling any patriotic decorations.  So I had to make do with what I already had and what I could find…and then of course, I go to Target a few weeks later and see their $1 section FILLED with red white and blue things!  But it’s okay, I think I made it work and the pictures still came out really cute.

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Behind the Scenes : Shrimp and Avocado Summer Rolls Episode

One of the reasons I chose to make the theme of Season 3 of our cooking show “Simply Summer Fresh” is because it gets unbearably hot in our little kitchen during the summer.  When we film, we usually can’t turn on the AC because of the noise, and sometimes we can’t open the windows because of the ruckus outside.  When the lights are blaring down on me, and I’m hovering over a hot stove, our kitchen turns into a sauna.

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Behind the Scenes : Chocolate Overnight Oats Episode

I usually make sure we have a good hearty breakfast before we start filming, but in this case, we were actually shooting a good hearty breakfast recipe, so we decided to go hungry until the work was done.  Yes, we let chocolate be our reward! So with coffee in hand, froggy voice, and bleary eyes, we set off to film one of our easier episodes early in the morning.

There’s not many recipes of mine that don’t require cooking, so I figured we should take advantage of not having to be in the hot kitchen by not being in the hot kitchen!  We moved our set to our “dining room,” which coincidentally already looks like a set, and filmed our second summer appropriate episode of the season.

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Behind the Scenes : Summer Veggie Spaghetti Episode

We’re back and we’ve decided to do things a little differently this season.  We thought it would be fun to reveal our behind the scenes videos a few days BEFORE our actual episodes air. Why not? It’s our channel, our rules!  So we’ll be posting our behind the scenes videos on WEDNESDAYS on Our Yooniverse Channel and our recipe videos on FRIDAYS on our Chef Julie Yoon Videos Channel.  So be sure you subscribe to both! Therefore, our Season 3 Premiere Episode will be out THIS FRIDAY June 5th, but you can get a sneak peek at the recipe now!

As you probably know by now, the theme of Season 3 is “Simply Summer Fresh!”  That means lighter fare, quicker recipes, and less time in my hot stuffy kitchen!  Fortunately, the day we shot this, it was nice and cool so I didn’t have to worry about sweating my make up off like I usually do when we’re filming during the summer time.

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10 Lessons We Learned from Filming Season 2 of Our Cooking Show

No one warned me that creating a fun little cooking show on YouTube would mean that I’d have to treat it like a regular corporate job!  That’s probably the biggest overall lesson I learned. When we began Season 1 of Bits & Pieces Cooking Show, it was all fresh, exciting, and new.  We already shared our video with you about our 10 Lessons We Learned from Filming Season 1 of our Cooking Show, so If you missed it, go watch that first.  It will set the ground work for what I share with you in this next video.

We were so green and naive.  Nobody makes a manual for this kind of work so we made up the rules.  Some things we got right, and other times we licked our wounds.  It’s a constant growing process, and that’s why we make these kinds of videos.  I’ve said this before, but I kind of wish there was something like this for us to watch before we started our show.

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