What I Buy at Costco

Do you get intrigued by what others buy at the grocery store?  I sure do.  I love peering into friends’ fridges and seeing what they like to eat, and what ingredients they always have in stock.  It’s so fascinating to me, and sometimes I even get influenced to try something new.  Today, I wanted to share with you what I buy at Costco.  Now, this isn’t a full grocery haul.  I just needed a few things, so unfortunately I don’t have pictures of my normal go-to items such as romaine lettuce, baby carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocados, grapes, lemons, and a rotisserie chicken.  

I decided to write this entry after I caught myself doing my usual “Costco routine.”  I come home from shopping and lugging, and then take a good chunk of time to carefully prep, wrap, and put away all my bulk items so they don’t go to waste, or take up too much real estate in the fridge.

It’s the part about shopping at warehouse stores that I least enjoy, because I’d rather be lazy about it, and just chuck everything into the fridge or pantry as is, but after I’m done with my routine, it actually makes my life a whole lot easier in the long run.

I’ve already shared with you in the past on this entry that I like to store meat I buy in bulk in the freezer, by wrapping individual portions in saran wrap and storing them in labeled Ziplock bags.

Sometimes I buy steak or chicken, but this time, I bought bone-in pork chops.

This is the kind I used for my pork chops with balsamic apples recipe.

I must’ve had pig on the brain, because I also picked up this 4-pack of sliced bacon.

Bacon is something I tend to always have in stock because besides eating it for breakfast, it allows me to whip up quick dishes such as fried rice, spaghetti carbonara, or a special grilled cheese sandwich.  I love grilled cheese with tomatoes and bacon!

And of course I used it in my bacon and parmesan salad recipe.

But Joe and I can’t eat 4 packs of bacon at one time, so I put one pack in the fridge, and keep the other three in the freezer.

Obviously, I love Ziplock bags, but I adore tupperware as well.  We buy our Frosted Mini Wheats and I’ll open one of the bags right away and pour it into my trusty OXO container for easy bleary-eyed morning access.  I store the other one away until we need it.

I pack my husband’s lunch everyday, so I have to stock up on basic sandwich ingredients.  Contrary to what everyone thinks, I don’t pack him a gourmet lunch.  It’s always the same thing… EVERYDAY: a turkey, ham, or tuna fish sandwich on wheat bread, with mayo, mustard, provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomato.  The snacks might vary, but it basically resembles a kid’s brown bag lunch.

When you buy sliced bread at Costco, usually you have to buy two loaves at once.  But to prevent the bread from getting moldy too quickly, I store one loaf in the fridge, and one loaf in the freezer.

When I run out of one loaf, I just pull the other one out of the freezer and let it defrost in the fridge.  It will be just as soft and good as new.  When I’m about to run out of the second loaf, I go back to Costco and repeat this crazy cycle over and over again.

So I use this same method for deli meat.  Usually, I pick up a 3-pack of turkey and ham.  I’ll put one pack in the fridge, next to my sliced provolone cheese, also from Costco, and keep the other two in the freezer.

When I’m about to run out of turkey, I’ll pull another pack out of the freezer and let it defrost in the fridge.

And this is the worst job of all, but every time I don’t do it, i end up regretting it.  I do like to buy onions in bulk because I use onions in almost everything I cook.  I know most people store their onions in a cool dark place like in their pantry, but I like to keep mine in the fridge so they last longer.  But I don’t want the outer papery shells to shed and become a mess in my veggie drawer, so I take the time to strip them.

It also allows me to hunt out any sneaky bruised or rotten guys too.  One bad onion can quickly spoil the other ones, as I’ve experienced a handful of times.  So now, even if it’s annoying to do, I’ll take the time to dig through the entire bag and inspect each onion.

Enough about rotten onions.  Let’s end with something sweet.  I like to grab my agave from Costco.  I think they sell it at a good price.  You have to buy two bottles at a time, but that’s ok, because I like the idea of having a backup.

I like to use agave in my cooking instead of sugar for sweet sauces or marinades, such as in my shrimp with lime recipe.  I usually buy my frozen shrimp from Costco as well!

So I keep one bottle in the pantry with my other daily ingredients.

The other twin goes in the corner on the bottom shelf, with my bench warmers.  By the way, that bean blend, chicken stock and cans of tuna are all from a previous Costco trip.

Well, that’s all folks.  If you liked this grocery entry, you can check out my VIDEO of what I bought at Trader Joe’s.  What do you like to buy at Costco or your favorite warehouse store?  Seriously, I’d like to know.  Maybe you’ll influence me to try something new that I can add to my list.

peace out for now,

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