How to Roast Peppers

Of course you can always go to the store and just buy a jar of roasted red peppers packed in olive oil, and they’re sweet and delicious.  I do it all the time, because they’re a GREAT pantry staple to have on hand.  But if you’ve never tasted a pepper that you roasted yourself, you’re missing out buddy, not only because it’s healthy and tasty, but also it’s pretty embarrassingly simple to do.  And it’s a great way to use up peppers you’ve forgotten in your fridge and have started to go soft.  As a bonus, check out my recipe for fresh and roasted vegetable sandwiches which showcase these smoky sweet beauties.  

Here’s the low-down:

How to Roast Peppers
This is more of a technique than a recipe. Sure you can buy roasted peppers in a jar, but it's so easy to make your own.
  • Bell Peppers
  1. Place your peppers directly over the flame on a gas stove, OR toss in a little oil and broil in the oven on a sheet pan until the skin starts to char, blacken and blister... like cruddy blister.
  2. Make sure to turn the peppers over using tongs so that each and every side of the pepper has a chance to char and blacken.
  3. Once all sides of the peppers are nicely blackened, place them in a large bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap to allow the skin to fall off by the steam that results from the heat trapped in the bowl.
  4. Once the peppers are cool enough to handle, remove the skin by peeling it away with your fingers and discard. You can run it under the faucet too, to help peel away all the burnt skin, but it has more flavor if you peel it without rinsing it. You should now have perfectly roasted peppers you can use in salads, sandwiches and appetizers, or puree them for dips, sauces and soups. You can eat them plain, or marinate them in olive oil, chopped garlic and a little salt for a punch of flavor.


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